Sunday, March 27, 2011

Cutie Pie Laila

So it's been 3 weeks, that's not too bad when it had been a year!!! This post is just about my cutie pie, Laila!!! It's not difficult to revolve an entire post around her, I always have a camera close by to take pictures and she does so many funny and cute things!! Here are some pictures and then I will tell you a funny story from the other day, she's always making us laugh!!

I love her smile, melts my heart every time!!

I love this headband with the big "L" in the middle, she tolerates them for a short time.

The rest of the pictures are of the adorable outfit my bestest friend Jami and her family sent Laila for her birthday. Thanks Jami, Laila loves it and so do I!!! 

Showing you the "L" on her shirt with stamps all over her hands. 

Doing some twirls in her new skirt.

Just being her cute self!!
She loves tulips too!!!

The back side of her new outfit. I'm lucky she didn't pull up her skirt and show me her panties!!

Doing another twirl!!


I asked her to look at me and I got this goofy look!!
Now for the funny story... Laila's at the age where if I go or do something she has to come along, MUST come along. Privacy is no longer an option. So I went to the bathroom and there's the pitter patter of little feet following me into the bedroom and into the bathroom. "OK Laila, come on." She happily follows along. As I'm sitting on the throne doing my business Laila is grabbing her butt. I ask her if she has to poop. "Mo" she answers. (Can't say "N"'s due to her cleft so it's always an "M" which is super cute) She grabs her butt again, again I ask if she has to go poop. "Mo Mama", then she turns around to show me that she's scratching her butt. I said "oh, your butt itches." She nods her head yes, gets a comb off the vanity and proceeds to scratch her butt with the comb!!! A good mom would've used this as an opportunity to teach her daughter that we don't scratch our butts with a comb, that's gross. Well, guess I'm not a good mom because I was laughing hysterically!!! Where does she come up with these things, too funny!!! 

On another note, I took Laila to school Wednesday and her teacher pulled me aside. She told me how great Laila's doing in school and that she's very smart. Scott and I have always thought Laila was very smart but what parents don't?!?! They agree with me, when Laila's fistulas are repaired in June and her speech gets better, we're going to be blown away by how smart she is. I was so happy to hear this but what they told me next brought tears to my eyes. They said Laila is the most caring and compassionate little girl they've ever known. There's only 2 girls in the class and the other little girl, I will call B, is shy and very reserved. B doesn't go down the slide at recess, she gets scared easily. They told me Laila will take B's hand and walk with her up to the slide and encourage her and pat her back as she goes down the slide. Last week in class they were all listening to music and dancing around. B didn't dance, was to shy. Laila went to B, took her hand, helped her up and danced with her. B had a big smile on her face. Laila is very loving, caring and sweet at home but I always wondered how that translated at school, now we know!! She's that same tender-hearted little girl at school as well. In this day and age of bullies and kids making fun of others for being different, I am so humbled by my sweet daughter who just wants to be nice, make friends and help others. My cup runneth over!!


  1. Oh Joanna, she is just so beautiful inside and out!!! She has a great role model!! I couldn't help but laugh at the butt scratching comb again. LOL . . . love her new outfit! Super cute!!!

  2. So great to meet you through this new link! How old is your little cutie? Our son is 3 and also has cleft lip/palate.

  3. Just because I love Laila, I am leaving another comment!!

    {thank you for participating in the 1st ever "The Real Face of Special Needs Friday"!}

  4. Oh, Joanna - you may not post often, but when you do, it is FULL of cuteness! How adorable is your Laila and I LOVE the story of her scratching her butt with a comb :)

    Fun that you are in CO! I saw the pictures of you in the Springs! W just moved here from Colorado Springs in June '09? We miss it sooooo much!

    I know Valerie would LOVE to make Laila a knot dress and ruffle pants! Or a twirly skirt! Her site is:

    Nice to meet you!!

    P.s. That's my baby on your sidebar :) is it safe to saw Laila is from Henan? Where at?