Monday, February 22, 2010

1 year since we first saw our beautiful daughter!!!!!

Hello and welcome to our new blog, we are indeed loving life with Laila!!! She is so sweet, spunky, smart, stubborn, loving, funny and just perfect!!!

It's so hard to believe but 1 year ago, Feb. 23, 2009, we received the phone call of a lifetime!!! Sarah, from CCAI, called to say there was an adorable little girl who needed a mommy and daddy and she wondered if we might be her mommy and daddy. Here's the pictures that popped up on our computer screen shortly after that phonecall...

These 3 pictures changed our life!!! Of course we were her mommy and daddy, no doubt about it!! Absolutely the sweetest little girl we have ever seen, we were instantly in love!!! We jumped on the paperwork and in late April we left for China to get this little beauty. May 4th we held her in our arms and we have never let go. She is the light of our life, we are so lucky to be her mommy and daddy!!! Fast forward one year from that phone call and here's our sweet Laila...
She loves her puppy, Zac!!! She loves her other puppy Zoey but Zoey wasn't cooperating with the camera.
She loves her new baby she got for her birthday. She's very loving and feeds her baby it's bottle and has to sleep with baby. Baby has it's own pillow in Laila's crib!! Both Laila and baby get covered up with the blanket and Laila's arm immediately goes over baby and she happily falls asleep. So sweet!!!
See, here's baby!!!
Laila also really loves her Grandma's chicken noodle soup!!!
Little bit of a crazy sleeper though...
Ahhh... pure bliss!!!
We love, love, love you Laila!!!!

What an absolute joy she is!!! While Scott and I, our family and friends, are all so fortunate to know this sweet little girl we are well aware there is a mom and dad somewhere in China who have no idea what has become of their little girl. We know they love Laila very much, they left her somewhere she would be safe and found quickly. They kept Laila for 2 weeks before they gave her up, we truely believe they felt they had no other choice, Laila's medical needs were too great for them to handle. They gave Laila the ultimate gift of love, the opportunity to be cared for and loved by a family who could give her all she deserves in life... we are so thankful to be that family. I wish we could let her birth parents know what a beautiful little girl she is, that she's learning to count, learning her numbers, going to gymnastics and loves to wear her panties on the outside of her clothes. She loves puppies, jumping and playing in her kitchen. She has brought unmeasurable joy and love to our family. We pray you will somehow know that she is healthy, happy and has her forever family. We are so blessed!!!